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CCH Real Estate Mutual Fund relies on the expertise of highly qualified experts who average over 15 years in the residential real estate market who have managed similar mutual fund trusts previously and have operated public companies listed on the TSX.

Justin Bobier

President | CEO

Mr. Bobier founded Crystal Creek Homes Inc. in 2004.  Since that time, Crystal Creek has sold over $800 million in homes in Calgary and Edmonton of varying house types from duplexes to estate homes.  Mr. Bobier is also a member of TEC Calgary.  Prior to founding Crystal Creek Homes Inc., Mr. Bobier worked as a kitchen cabinet installer for Classic Kitchens in Calgary.  Justin Bobier is also a Trustee of CCH Real Estate Mutual Fund and a Director and President of the CCH RE General Partner.

Chantel Peron

Executive Officer | CFO

Chantel is a highly experienced CPA, CA with over 10 years of experience in both public and private enterprises. She has an extensive knowledge base and vast experience in financial reporting, investor relations, budgeting and forecasting as well as strategic planning. Prior to joining Crystal Creek Homes, Chantel held a leadership role in a publicly traded company with a focus on financial reporting, investor relations and process improvement. 

Dan Horner

LEGAL COUNSEL | Scott venturo rudakoff

Mr. Horner is a partner with the law firm Scott Venturo Rudakoff LLP, and is currently one of the managing partners of the Firm.  Mr. Horner has been legal counsel to CCHI since 2005, and will be primary legal counsel to CCHRE LP and the SPLP’s.


Mr. Horner has been a practicing lawyer in Alberta since 1993, and carries on a corporate and commercial practice, including in relation to real estate matters and development matters.  Mr. Horner provides advise to many clients in a capacity as external general counsel. 


Insurance Provider

Olympia Trust Company received it’s letters patent on September 6, 1995, authorizing the formation of a trust company to be registered under the Loan and Trust Corporations Act (Alberta). Operations commenced in March of 1996. Olympia Trust is licensed to conduct trust activities in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Olympia Trust acts as a trustee and manages self-administered registered plans. It also provides foreign currency exchange services and other trustee services.

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Marsh Insurance

Insurance Provider

Marsh Insurance provides insurance coverage to CCH Real Estate Mutual Fund trust, its Trustees, Executives, and Officers along with the subsidiary CCH RE Limited Partnership and CCH RE GP Ltd.

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