Investment Status

  • Investment timeline: Started August 2017, anticipated completion summer 2021
  • $1,750,000 raised to date
  • Eligible for potential investment by CCH Real Estate Mutual Fund Trust
  • CCH Real Estate Mutual Fund Trust currently does not hold this as an investment

Interested in Investing?

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Community Overview

A quick 30-minute drive to downtown Calgary or the airport, Chestermere has a growing list of amenities from shopping and services to recreation and schools.

South Shore at Chestermere is comprised of 77.5 gross acres. 

Families will love the pathways, playgrounds, and shoreline, as well as the modern beach and prairie-style homes of South Shore. 

South Shore in Chestermere


Investment Opportunity

  • CCH Discovery LP signed a land agreement for the purchase of 25 serviced lots in the community of Discovery Pointe with 11 lots backing onto the park, 7 lots overlooking the park up on the ridge, and 7 standard lots along the cul de sac.
  • Lots ranged from $379,000 – $619,000 with homes ranging from $900,000 – $2,000,000
  • To date, 14 homes have been sold with 11 lots remaining.

Investment Details


Class A Limited Partnership units in CCH Discovery LP (the “Partnership”).


The Partnership has an agreement to purchase 25 single family lots in the last phase of Discovery Ridge in southwest Calgary. The single-family dwellings will be sold and built by the Partnership.

Offering Price

$1.00 per unit, minimum 50,000 units with 1,700,000 units currently sold. Up to 3,000,000 units may be sold.


To fund land deposits, a showhome and initial working capital for the Partnership.

Preferred Return

Class A unitholders will be entitled to an 8% simple annual preferred return. For further detail, see article 5.7 of the CCH Discovery LP Limited Partnership Agreement.

Partnership Interest

Class A unitholders will also be entitled to an 20% share of the Partnership’s net income.

Payment Terms

The subscription price is payable at the time of closing by cheque or such other manner as maybe accepted at closing.


Based on unit sales within the Project.

Management Fee

Crystal Creek Homes Inc. will be hired as the Project Manager and will be paid a fee equal to 4% of the selling price of each home.

Risk Factors

There is no secondary market for the investment and none is expected to develop. The Partnership will have limited liquidity; consequently, it would not suit investors who require immediate access to their investment. The Partnership’s business should be considered highly speculative due to the risks associated with the rapidly changing economic and market conditions. The Partnership will be investing in real property and these properties will always have value; however, given the nature of the real estate market it may not be possible to sell them as anticipated. Consequently, there is a risk that an investment in the Partnership may be lost entirely or in part.


Certain statements in this presentation contain forward-looking statements about the objectives of the Partnership and management’s expectations, beliefs, intentions or strategies for the future. Future events are subject to certain risks, uncertainties and assumptions that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such risks, uncertainties and assumptions include, but are not limited to: general economic conditions; actions by government authorities; actions by regulatory authorities; availability of raw materials and trades; changes in raw materials prices; foreign exchange rates; interest rates; competitor activity; industry pricing pressures; seasonality of the construction industry; and weather.

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