CCH Real Estate Mutual Fund Trust

Investment Status

  • Investment timeline: Started July 2019
  • Open to investment via Offering Memorandum
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Material Agreements:

LP Agreements:

Management Service Agreements: 

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InVEstment Overview

All of the Available Funds from this Offering will be invested into CCH Real Estate LP (“CCH RE LP”), a related party to the Issuer. The Fund will be the only holder of limited partnership units in CCH Real Estate LP. CCH Real Estate LP will, in turn, utilize the available funds indirectly received from the sale of Class A Units to:


(a)      invest in the business of primarily single and multi-family residential real estate lot acquisition from established developers and the construction, holding and re-sale which will be effected by way of an investment by the CCH RE LP in and through other special purpose operating partnerships or entities affiliated with CCH RE LP, primarily in the Province of Alberta; and/or


(b)      the strategic acquisition or participation in the development/construction of revenue producing apartment or other multi-family residential rental properties, with a view to creating a portfolio of stable, predictable and long-term annual revenue with the corresponding appreciation in asset value and reduction of debt over time, with a view to increasing value to investors.

Investment Opportunity

CCH Real Estate Mutual Fund Trust is an open-ended mutual fund trust established under the laws of the Province of Alberta.  

These securities do not trade on any exchange or market.

The Fund is NOT a Reporting Issuer under applicable securities law.

Investment Details


Class A Trust Units issued by CCH Real Estate Mutual Fund Trust.

Offering Price

$1.00 per Class A Trust Unit.  

Minimum Purchase

The minimum offering of 500,000 Class A Trust Units or a total of $500,000 was achieved under the Prior Offerings. Funds available under the Offering may not be sufficient to accomplish the Fund’s proposed objectives.

Maximum Offering

Twenty million ($20,000,000.00) dollars, under this Offering, the Prior Offerings and any further amended and updated versions of this Offering. The Issuer may elect to increase the Maximum Offering in its sole discretion.

Minimum Offering

The mimimum offerring is 500,000 Class A Trust Units or a total of $500,000 

Payment Terms

The subscription price is payable at the time of closing by wire transfer, certified cheque, or bank draft payable to CCH Real Estate Mutual Fund Trust.

Proposed Closing Date

The Issuer will close Subscriptions as they are received and accepted. The Issuer anticipates that the first Closing under the sixth amended Offering Memorandum will be on or before May 31, 2024.

Tax consequences

There are important tax consequences to these securities. See “Item 8.1 – Certain Canadian Federal Income Tax Considerations” of the sixth amended Offering Memorandum.

Selling Agents

The Fund has retained Rethink and Diversify Securities Inc., a registered Exempt Market Dealer, as a non-exclusive agent to effect the sale of Trust Units of the Fund to Subscribers, and who will be paid a fee on such terms as set forth in “Item 9 – Compensation Paid to Sellers and Finders” of the sixth amended Offering Memorandum. The Issuer may elect to retain additional or alternative selling agents who will be paid a fee on such terms as may be negotiated between the Fund and any such additional or alternative Exempt Market Dealer.

Risk Factors

There are various risks associated with these securities. For further details, see “Item 10 – Risk Factors” of the sixth amended Offering Memorandum.


Certain statements in this presentation contain forward-looking statements about the objectives of the Partnership and management’s expectations, beliefs, intentions or strategies for the future. Future events are subject to certain risks, uncertainties and assumptions that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Such risks, uncertainties and assumptions include, but are not limited to: general economic conditions; actions by government authorities; actions by regulatory authorities; availability of raw materials and trades; changes in raw materials prices; foreign exchange rates; interest rates; competitor activity; industry pricing pressures; seasonality of the construction industry; and weather.